Worldwide shipping

We are happy to offer worldwide shipping. The number of international customers is increasing every month and our existing customers are always happy to come back to order more. We do not send parcels to countries under embargo.

The reason for the growth of international customers is not only the large range of products, but also our fast delivery and sharp prices. Usually we can deliver within approx. 48 hours. Our sales team speaks Dutch, English and German

We are also a specialist in EOL (End of Life) products. These are articles that are no longer produced by the manufacturer, but still in stock and can be ordered. We work with distributors all over the world and we are probably the only one who can still order and deliver a certain EOL product. 

Global Shipping Industry, It may happen that we receive a phone call from a ship that is docked in Antwerp. The same day an ABB product is required because the ship has to set sail out tomorrow. In this case (true story), one of our employees gets into his car and drives to Southern Germany, collects the product there and takes it to Antwerp. Arrives there at 10 pm. So right on time. The ship was able to set sail the next day as planned. Of course, this type of delivery comes with a price tag, but shows how flexible we are.

Customers from China. The number of customers from China is increasing every year. Unfortunately we do not have an employee who speaks Chinese, but we are happy to help you in English.

Customers from Dubai. Many customers order from Dubai. We are happy to assist you in English and can provide references from our customers in the United Emirates.

Customers from USA and South America. We also have many customers in the United States who are always happy to order from us. Electrotechnical equipment and ship parts are in particular in demand. We usually ship with UPS, but can also be shipped by courier of your own choice.

Customers from Europe. Thankful for our European customers who order on a daily basis. We are happy to help you in Dutch, English or German.